Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hero vessels

"Hero" vessels
collection of Daren Martin

These two vessels are the only two thrown ceramic pieces I've done to date. I worked with a potter in Richardson, TX who was trained in Deruta and contrary to his style of "line of beauty" I chose to work in an intuitive variation creative to myself. I am most pleased with the tapering lip of the pieces. I originally imagined the work to be used in processing tea leaves and herbs for drinking when I was on the wheel, however I am comfortable with any purpose Daren chooses. (Don't worry, I used them as an ashtray when I had them)
After firing the pieces, I was watching the martial arts movie Hero and felt free to apply the glazes according to my sense of "zen". I used a sponge loaded with glaze and turned the vessels applying the glazes similarly to my understanding of an Asian brushstroke. There is a beautiful "flying white" on the inside. I also covered my workspace with squirts of paint that were initiated by long overhand arm movements, similar to swordwork. The pieces were then rolled into and across the glazes on the table. I was very focused on the fluidity of my movements and my breathing so that I could achieve the best representation of my understanding "action" and "movement" as artistic process. I'm happy with the results.
I gave them to Daren as a housewarming gift and I know that he enjoys having them.

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