Sunday, August 28, 2011

In a Waffle House World...

the line cook wears his hairnet underneath a folded-paper boat. He works the pots and pans like he has eight arms, ham here, heating oil in that pan, cracks an egg (that's TWO hands... no he did it with one. I didn't even see what he did with the shell.) He wipes down the 6inch counter top he has in front of him... and it's all done with no flair, barely even with effort. The waffle waitress called out the order, messed it up and didn't repeat it. Dude was on it. Some country song was playing and then Phil Collins. [It] Didn't phase him.

I think his name is Eliazer. I guess that's a pretty unique name to only think that it might be what his name is... so I'm gonna say that's what it is. Eliazer. Waffle House blazer on target like a laser with the tater...tots, momma ...ummmmm, correction--- Waffle House doesn't have tater tots, just hash browns. They don't have french fries either!!! I had afriend once who was really upset about that. He eats his french fries with mayonaise which kind of grossses me out so I'm glad (at the time) that don't have french fries.

That's all.

Thnaks for reading.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tori Amos' Birthday

This Consciousness that is aware
Of Neighbors and the Sun
Will be the one aware of Death
And that itself alone

Is traversing the interval
Experience between
And most profound experiment
Appointed unto Men-

How adequate unto itself
It's properties shall be
Itself unto itself and none
Shall make discovery.

Adventure most unto itself
The Soul condemned to be--
Attended by a single Hound
It's own identity.

-Emily Dickinson
poem #822

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

art market/ art history

In the 21st century free-market, art has become an elusive product. Yes, I said product. IF you buy art, then you are a consumer and carry the responsibility of knowing what it is that you purchase and for what reasons you are giving said amount of money for. If we look at shoes, and all you arelooking for is a decent pair of shiny leather point toe dress shoes to wear once for an outdoor occassion, then going to a discount shoe outlet and dropping 20.00 would be appropriate, but if you are looking to take the same shoe and embed style, legacy, and refinement into your image as a sign to others, so that you can generate a mystery of what it is that you possess then $200 on some Gucci loafers might be appropriate, and if by some off chance that you collect soes as an investment then you might look at $2000 David Hicks. Art these days is no different. Perceieved value and appropriateness to intent. That is not to say that the factors of the valuation of so simple. Even if it makes sense, you might be sold snake-oil, so it is important to know the context of the art market and art history to keep from being snowed over.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

more notes 2

On Picasso:"One thing that is made explicitly clear throughout the late graphics is that the desire is never satisfied. It will both fall short of and override its goal, much like the act of representation itself, which can never completely close the distance between referent and image... The desired object , thus, can never fully account for the drive itself. "desire is the desire for desire"
Continual deferral and the impossibility of closure are built into the very mechanism of desire, which is predicated on a psychic lack, that by definition, be fulfilled. As Picasso summed up..."the desire stays on."
--Inside the Image

Limits of representation
Limitlessness of Desire
Painting as an act of Love

In our relation to things, in sofar as this relation is constituted by the way of vision, and ordered in the figures of representation, something slips, passes, is transmitted, from stage to stage, and is always to some degree eluded in it-- that is what we call the gaze.
-Jacques Lacan

When the Andalusian fixes a thing within a stare, he grasps it, his eyes are fingers holding and probing... In Andalusia the eye is akin to a sexual organ.
-David Gilmore

miranda Fuetre & the Gaze

more notes

Monet, Renoir, Degas- sight was simply the sum of its light-- in terms of illumination
Reality is not waiting to be witnessed
Impressionist- "the gaze was out, the glance was in"
Cezanne- "with an apple I will astonish Paris!"
Courbet- "Let us be true, even if we are ugly"
Oscar Wilde "Life goes faster than Realism"
Rilke "Cezanne made the fruit so real that it ceased to be edible altogether."

Is it only now that Art has begun? -dP

"Art has carried the responsibility of the philosophy of art further than the philosophers of would have been capable. It was as if artists had to become their own philosophers in order to be taken seriously. -A. Danto

In order to consider Brillo Boxes as art, one would need to see how the history of art had evolved to a point where it was now possible for such a work to exist... to know something of the state of discourse of the art world, within which that possibility existed... Duchamp... Greenber...

Bildungsroman- as history of modern art

there is no reason inherent in the concept of art for painting not to exist

*painting is charged with resentments as a result of an artistic discourse trying to purge concepts of talent as unacceptably elitist

conception of art that is made by artist with certain ends in view
~from random slip of paper in my notes

without elementary disorder there is neither entropy nor irreversible process

Notes from some books and thoughts

for I believe that failure is less frequently attributable to either sufficiency of means or impatience of labour, than to a confused understanding of the thing actually to be done.

It would be premature and presumptuous to preempt the verdict of prosperity

cartographic. iconography
historical references
-eclecticism, collecting, selection --> Latin - lect- legre- choose

academic conventions
contradistinction, precarious equilibrium, ambivalent correspondence

I should like to carry out my future work in the interplay between Robert Smithson's uncompleted project and Michael Jackson's face -Ashley Bickerton- artist

long tradition of painting
NeueWilde- rebirth of painting

Peter Fischli/David Weiss- Goldsworthy style
Gunther Forg-artist

marginalised social group- unattainable abstracts

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Michel Majerus, Gehard Merz
Dan Peterman "Sulfer Cycle"

Guy Debord- Situation Theory
Peter Halley

appropriation- Richard Prince
myth of "artistic"

Cindy Sherman - Feminist? I'm not Feminist

white cube vs. over-the-couch

obsolete activities-
read the paper
record players

The ever-expanding field of available objects led me to investigate what I saw as a crisis of meaning and identity by juxtaposing heterogeneous objects in a poetic, yet non-hierachical way.--Haim Steinbach

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark Seliger

Merce Cunningham

Cindy Sherman

Woody Allen

Ralph Lauren

Chris Martin of Coldplay

Sonic Youth

Chuck Close

Phillip Glass

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Salma Hayek

Bill Irwin

Matthew Barney

Jeff Koons

Richard Serra

Keith Richards


Sourcing medieval texts to contemporary pop music
not only trying to find the missing link
but translate it into the unspeakable
poetry of symbols. Employing Life's rhythms
dynamics, metre, narrative, music
Notations on a journey
Pilgram/ Fool
knowldege of growth
drab outskirts unfold
evening covers
I thought these things on... (Broadway?)
nudging the horizon
treading Golgothas
Dust and Glory (Death of a Hero)
Forgottten Image 1953
Displaced Love, Dispersed Secret
David and Me
Cross and Crescent
Chansons de Geste (Songs of Deeds)
Finding Forever too soon, In a Moment

Rory Burke

"Imagination (phantasia) made them," Appollonios answered, "a far wiser artist than mimesis, for mimesis will represent only what the eyes can see, but imagination will represent what they cannot... When you entertain the notion of Zeus you must, I suppose, envisage him along with heaven and seasons and stars, as Pheidias tried to do..."
Life of Apollonios of Tyana -Philostratos
Rory Burke's sculptures call attention to the dismembering and assemblage processes of thought and distend logic into a compendium focus. The observational faculties of our nervous constitution are acknowledged as severe in dimensional construction and to this we can understand our phrenological system with regard to its constituents lateral to the whole. The complexity of our mind simply ordered, methodically made manifest to suggest by observation and contemplation we obtain the reconfiguration of intelligence and wisdom. See 'Finite Space' at Thomas Masters Gallery.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sandlot

My work is starting to shine a light through the tunnel. I've always believed art to be "for people" and the big question for me has been what do I have to say to them... Through a TON of introspection and analysis of my life and the world around me, paying out my nose with relationships and creature comforts, I've found what I've been looking for... I found the human condition. I've found what it is that levels the playing field. Sketches coming soon!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tere Pastoiza at Bell Studio

Tere Pastoiza's delicate pencilwork is a special experience. They are specimans of a woman's world and reach towards intimate revelations of her insecure balance in being of this world. The one-wheeled support, brings to mind the fact that a bicycle can fall only two ways-- right or left; whereas a unicycle can fall in 360 directions. She awakens, she presents herself. They are tender like new skin. A certain nervousness is being concealed, but that's okay. Ms. Pastoiza's figures are set without an environment, so that you are forced to focus completely on the girl. The drawing/object however, is mounted with pins in a shadowbox harkening a butterfly collection, further extending the delicacy of the images. Treat yourself to Tere Pastoiza's pieces at Bell Studio 3428 N. Southport in Chicago.
Thanks to Ashleigh Martinez for the photos.

Pieter Bruegel

Hermetic Museum I