Thursday, February 24, 2011

Edvard Munch

Eduard Munch was interested in the philosophical topics of his times. Inspired by writings of Nietsche, Freud and Hesse he explored color relationships and visual neuroscience.

David Piper: New Sketches III

beginning sketch for Exploitation of Genius

Scrambled Marilyn

design for Halcyon House placemat wedding gift

Neo-Classical notes

unfinished sketch for Chicago mural for a client who I found out didn't have any money

Celebration sketch

Environmental compositions

Notes from The Bride

The Gaze

Rasberry Beret

David Piper: New Sketches II

Rasberry Beret

Funny ideas to me

Breakin' elements

Dynamic Anatomy!!!

Voice of the People

Setting the Captives Free
Layers to who I am

The Caregiver

You ain't tough, I ride this bull!!

Intellectual Trophy

The Library of Conversations About Things Only I know

Salamander skin and other notes

Put the Chains Back on Me

Chalice Holding the Blade

Put The Chains Back On Me

Pastoral Poses