Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Building and Adding On

Artist Resource Network- An organization that supplies front end resources for artists, including space finding, insurance options, financial consultation, site hosting, certification oppurtunities, safety and materials information and other services that would help an artist further themselves professionally

"Be the Missing Link"- a mural project that works with the homeless population. As a way for people to get opportunities to gather momentum in their self-esteem and collaborative experience, the project would be centered around the promotion of kindness through art. A true contribution to any community and public at large, Be the Missing Link would serve as a reminder that no matter the situation, we are all valuable.

Art In Our Backyard- A video series that takes a look at the history of art in the United States by it's provenance. There are masterpieces in museums across the U.S. that have a rich history of their own experience, as an object. Several paintings and sculptures that are hundreds of years old and started out in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America that are now at home in private and public collections. Art In Our Backyard is a PBS style documentary series that chronicles those stories and engages viewers in the accessiblity of artistic mediums throught the experience of the objects themselves.

Racing to Be Last- an intern based initiative that takes people on subsitance living who wish to re-enter the workforce, by helping business start-ups within their own initiative. A micro-community effort that mobilizes it's members to contribute to each other's success in planning and execution of business propostions that fulfill their own desires for success from within.

Other areas of interest in career developments include:
Interior Design
Music Production
Tile Manufacturing http://davidpipertiles.blogspot.com/
Art Gallery
Book writing
Fine Art painting
Artists' Book Publishing
Artists' material -branding
Magazine Articles
Graphic Novels
cartoons/ movies/ screenwriting

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