Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tere Pastoiza at Bell Studio

Tere Pastoiza's delicate pencilwork is a special experience. They are specimans of a woman's world and reach towards intimate revelations of her insecure balance in being of this world. The one-wheeled support, brings to mind the fact that a bicycle can fall only two ways-- right or left; whereas a unicycle can fall in 360 directions. She awakens, she presents herself. They are tender like new skin. A certain nervousness is being concealed, but that's okay. Ms. Pastoiza's figures are set without an environment, so that you are forced to focus completely on the girl. The drawing/object however, is mounted with pins in a shadowbox harkening a butterfly collection, further extending the delicacy of the images. Treat yourself to Tere Pastoiza's pieces at Bell Studio 3428 N. Southport in Chicago.
Thanks to Ashleigh Martinez for the photos.

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