Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Walk a Thousand Miles

I walk alot.
I go to church about 7 miles from my home and I walk to and from each Sunday. I also play Go on Wednesday nights near my church at the Barnes & Noble, and I walk. So there's 30 miles guaranteed in two days each week. When you spend 4 hours in day walking, there is plenty of time to think about things, including "the walk" or the journey that you're making and the experience you had when you're walkining back. It's incredibly resorative to my thought process to think about being purposeful in this way.

Sometimes it's difficult, but mostly it's a chance to escape (?) into myself. I look at the city (my love), and sometimes I interact with people as we pass, I make plans, I remember, I find surprises, I've lost things (gloves and hats, ugh!)... I observe changes, I look at Nature, I have converstations with myself, I play the air drums, I make myself laugh at funny thoughts, I get ashamed at things I think about other people, I pass certain places to see things that I like that I know will be there (including the Jos. A Bank girl), and I go where I'm going and I go back home. It's pretty awesome.

I've started keeping track of my miles and thinking about the process. Some of my thoughts are going to inspire paintings in a series that I will call "How to Walk a Thousand Miles". I'm excited to do it and to see how it turns out! Stayed tuned for the progress.

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  1. I've walked over 500 miles since the beginning of the year!
    I like it when the wind is at my back and it pushes me forward.