Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The past 4 years, I could best describe myself as pilgram. I suppose that we could all say that we live life on the path, but I have subjected myself to some experiences that have amounted to a great adventure of exploration and discovery. I've literally helped build mansions and have lived in alleys. Figuratively, I've flown with eagles and groped helplessly with the worms. I've sacrificed my occupation and now I want to bring it back to life. I spent those four years gathering material for the greater good of my work. I've always dreamed of making paintings that were epic and grand in theme and reach. (I'm thinking back to early grade school when I read an abridged version of the Odyssey and when I fell in love with the Hero archtype of storytelling.)

I need help realizing this dream. I need 10 people who are willing to contribute $50 a month for 10 months. This will keep my studio, activate my phone, buy a monthly train pass, and purchase supplies; with some quarters left over for laundry. The end product will be a bona fide showing in a gallery, several painting sketches, prints and drawings. For those that participate I will have drawings and prints especially made to commemorate their contributions. Each month a limited edition of prints will be made and distributed to consortium members. At the end of the 10 month term each of the members will also be entitled to a complementary painting sketch from the body of work produced and first rights to purchase any other works.

For those interested in participating, please contact me directly

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