Thursday, September 2, 2010


I saw a beautiful young woman at the bookstore last night and she was wearing a skirt similar to the one below and I had to find out where she got it. Turns out it was from JC Penny 3 years ago! She paired it with a plain green T-shirt and a yellow cardigan. It looked great with her dark hair. She looked great! and I had to tell her so. I knew when I saw her that I wanted to blog about it today. I didn't know where to find a picture of it to be able to show you all, but after looking for a while I found all of this other great fashion and figured I shouldn't let it go to waste. So today I'm not focusing on one designer, and I'm actually going to comment on why I included it in today's blog.
I like very traditional looks that make the person look good. Below is a great "Fat Cat" style. You can never go wrong with a 3-piece pinstripe. Here he's added a Stetson hat, pocket kerchief, and a nice stripe tie with an interesting knot that I'm going to have to research.

I don't know who her stylist is, but c'mon, Mary Tyler Moore is great fun fashion. Sleek solids and cute shoes!

I love the big floral pattern on the full flow of her dress. Again great shoes.


I'm not sure if it's the impossibly thin waist of the model, but this dress really shows off her figure tastefully and still makes her approachable. I think fashion that seperates people from being approachable isn't realistic. I'll be using that standard throughout my descriptions here, because that was one of the criteria of how I picked out this selection.

Great jewelry. Who doesn't want an Indian ceremonial knife? It's so mysterious and somehow compliments her look.

If you can wear something like this all day, every day should!! Classic look. Any variations on colours would be fine, and I love it! It's so feminine and again, it's accessible.

Cute and simple... cut collar adds retro look and black undershirt adds contrast... much better than a white shirt. Nice chunky ring and buttons.

The white pants are great here. And no outfit works better than this if it doesn't have a smile. She looks comfortable and fun. I want to talk to her.

Oh, DVF! such a crazy vamp!!! hahaha... Classic wrap dress... love the big chunky print in high contrasting colours. A dress that shows off good lookin' legs is that much better for it! The multiple pearl strings are a nice contribution to the overall activity of her look.

Here's a great combination of colour, solids and stripes, and a variety of textures and materials. Classic prep with some casual edge.

Houndstooth... love it! I'm predicting alot more of it and in more colours than just black and white and much more inventive uses. for here, no fuss, so fun!

I love the Kate Spade look although this is not KS. Check out that knife-pleate in the skirt! AWESOME!!! Great shoes!!! like really great! and wonderful sweater, petite clutch... Perfect look if she would just do something about that "do".

And this woman is off the charts sexy!!! Donna Reed with a little bit of shoulder? Who'd of thunk it. The earrings set off her neck and collarbone. I don't know what else to say but "gahhhhhhhh!"

I hope some of these pics gave you some new ideas. I think traditional can always be fresh and that colours used properly will always make a person seem up-to-date and accessible. Good looks get the most compliments. When I take the time to use my clothes in a way that causes people to pay attention, they compare me to a Kennedy, or a Rockefeller, or a Carnegie. My friends sometimes call me Senator. It feels good and it makes people WANT to talk to you... and I don't know about you, but that appeals to my deepest insecurities.

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