Friday, August 6, 2010

Kenmore Studios gig

Tonite I am participating in an event at Kenmore Studio Live at Huron and Wells in downtown Chicago. Executive chef Michael Giletto will be preparing various steak and bacon dishes while the Dave Polk Project provides jazz tunes. Also featured will be 3 visual artists Mike Palmer, Andy Hofstetter and myself. The promotional material says that we will "capture the moments of this event on canvas." (I'm actually using watercolour pencil and paper).

In my typically over-achieving/ erudite process I have spent the past few days planning out my vernacular and looking to uncover my intentions for the night. Starting at square 1, the event is hosted by Kenmore appliances. 2) the client (Kenmore) would like me (and the other artists) to "capture the moments..." 3) this is an oppurtunity to showcase my work and represent my "style" to many, many people 4) by nature of human experience, my work will be compared to the other artists.

I've researched all the angles, the other artists, the chef, the sommelier, Kenmore's branding legacy, the band, and design/ composition possibilities. I decided this morning that I would like to reference a famous work of art and replace the characters with those of the event. Picasso's Parade curtain has an entertaining narrative that allows for an open interpretation of scene and character to easily be interchanged. It's a very influential piece in my development as an artist and will translate nicely in the moments of the evening's moments.

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