Thursday, May 19, 2011

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On Picasso:"One thing that is made explicitly clear throughout the late graphics is that the desire is never satisfied. It will both fall short of and override its goal, much like the act of representation itself, which can never completely close the distance between referent and image... The desired object , thus, can never fully account for the drive itself. "desire is the desire for desire"
Continual deferral and the impossibility of closure are built into the very mechanism of desire, which is predicated on a psychic lack, that by definition, be fulfilled. As Picasso summed up..."the desire stays on."
--Inside the Image

Limits of representation
Limitlessness of Desire
Painting as an act of Love

In our relation to things, in sofar as this relation is constituted by the way of vision, and ordered in the figures of representation, something slips, passes, is transmitted, from stage to stage, and is always to some degree eluded in it-- that is what we call the gaze.
-Jacques Lacan

When the Andalusian fixes a thing within a stare, he grasps it, his eyes are fingers holding and probing... In Andalusia the eye is akin to a sexual organ.
-David Gilmore

miranda Fuetre & the Gaze

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